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WCW – NOVEMBER 15, 2017

It’s Wednesday. You know what that means. It’s time for this week’s WCW or World Championship Wrestling. This week I️ have former bodybuilder turned pro wrestler Max Muscle as my WCW. Max Muscle debuted in WCW as Big Bad John in late 1993 appearing on the many of the WCW secondary shows before being repacked in 1995 as Diamond Dallas Page’s bodyguard Max Muscle. Max would regularly accompany DDP to the ring and help Page cheat to win his matches In 1996 Max decided to split from Page and turned face. Max’s face run didn’t last long as he quickly joined Kevin Sullivan’s Dungeon of Doom and changed his name to “Maxx” While Maxx was a member of the Dungeon he would have several matches against Diamond Dallas Page , who was now wrestling as the face, Page would go on to defeated his former bodyguard in those matches. It wasn’t long after that Maxx disappeared from WCW forever What was your favorite Max Muscle match?


WCW – NOVEMBER 8, 2017

It’s Wednesday. You know what that means. It’s time for this week’s WCW or World Championship Wrestling. This week its a special birthday edition of my WCW The voice of WCW Tony Schiavone celebrated his 60th birthday yesterday! Tony started in the wrestling business back in 1983 with the Jim Crocket Promotions, which became part of the NWA or National Wrestling Alliance , and eventually renamed WCW or World Championship Wrestling. Tony’s voice can be heard calling many of the great matches of WCW. Who could forget Tony yelling “it’s Sting!” Or screaming about the “ye-tay” from the dungeon of doom or Tony telling us they are “desperately out of time”. Perhaps Tony’s most memorable moment was when he gave away the results of rival company the WWF’s main event match of the Rock vs Mankind for the WWF Championship is this match was prerecorded on WWF’s Monday night Raw show while WCW’s Nitro show was live. Tony’s announcement caused tens of thousands of WCW viewers to change the channel to see WWF’s main event When WCW ceased operations in 2001 Tony walked away from wrestling for almost 15 years. Just recently Tony returned to the sport with his own podcast “What Happened When” discussing the great days of the WCW through final years of WCW that Tony describes as. “casket roller skates “. What was your favorite Tony Schiavone moment ?



WCW – NOVEMBER 1, 2017

It’s Wednesday! You know that means. Time for this week’s WCW, or World Championship Wresting. This week my WCW is “Mean” Mark Callous “Mean” Mark maybe best known in the WCW as a team wrestler but he actually debuted as a singles wrestler in 1989 The singles run didn’t last long, because of Mark’s size he was chosen to replace the Injured Sid Vicious in a team called the Skyscrapers. With former referee now manager Theodore Long leading the way Mark Callous and Dan Spivey, collectively known as the Skyscrapers tore through the tag team division before engaging in a feud with The Road Warriors. When Spivey suddenly departed the promotion “ Mean” Mark made the transition back to singles wrestling with a quick unsuccessful attempt at taking the US Championship from Lex Luger. Mark soon departed the WCW and never looked back as he entered the WWF where he would become one of the biggest phenoms in wrestling, the Undertaker! What was your favorite “Mean” Mark Callous match?


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