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WCW – JULY 26, 2017

It’s WCW ! Not woman crush Wednesday its World Championship Wrestling. Each Wednesday I look back at some of the worst gimmicks in the history of WCW. This week in honor of “shark week” we have a man called Shark Attack. John Tenta found success in the WWF as the ( Canadian ) Earthquake but his time in WCW was nothing short of a natural disaster. Shark Attack arrived in WCW along with many of Hulk Hogan’s former WWF rivals to form a coalition to end Hulkamania in a group called the dungeon of doom. While the Shark Attack certainly enjoyed a his share of feeding frenzies at the buffet he was about as harmless as a goldfish under the name of Shark Attack His time in WCW was anything but “fintastic” 🦈
What was your favorite Shark Attack match ?


WCW – JULY 19, 2017

It’s Wednesday and time for this week’s WCW! Not woman crush Wednesday it’s World Championship Wrestling. This week my WCW is the Z Man , Tom Zenk! Some may remember Tom from the WWF in 1987 when he and his tag team partner Rick Martel were chasing the tag team titles in 1987 Who would have thought the Z man would go on to find huge success in the WCW. After his debut in 1989 the Z man teamed with Brian Pilman and they went on to win the US tag team titles The Z man also became the first WCW television champion, he held the title under the NWA name when it was renamed WCW. What is perhaps the most prestigious title reign the Z man went on to win 1/3 of the 6 man tag team titles along with Dustin Rhodes and Big Josh. What is your favorite Z Man match?


WCW – JULY 12, 2017

Hey it’s Wednesday! It’s time for another WCW or World Championship Wrestling , not Woman Crush Wednesday. This week I have selected one of the “sweetest” wrestlers around “the candy man” Brad Armstrong According to longtime WCW commentator Tony Schiavone, the WCW president at the time Jim Herd wanted a “goddamn candy man” wrestler who would toss candy to the fans on his way to the ring. It seems poor Brad Armstrong drew the short straw that day and became known as “the candy man”. It’s hard to believe Brad didn’t find too much success even with his mullet and candy cane striped wrestling attire. One of the highlights of the candy man had to be his appearance on a wrestling episode of Family Feud It seems after WCW failed to acquire Augustus Gloop to manage Brad the gimmick quickly soured with the fans and the candy man title went back to Willy Wonka where it always belonged. In my opinion Brad Armstrong’s bad gimmicks throughout his career overshadowed what a talented wrestler he really was. What is your favorite “candy man ” match?


WCW – JULY 7, 2017

Hey! It’s Wednesday That means it’s time for this week’s WCW or World Championship Wrestling This week my WCW Is one half of that exciting WCW tag team the Patriots. Fire breaker Chip along with his partner Todd Champion, were part of WCW’s “special forces” in the early 90s. The team of the Patriots had feuds against tag teams like the Fabulous Freebirds and the Young Pistols. Fire breaker Chip found success when he and his partner won the WCW Unites States tag team titles In 1992 Fire breaker Chip got the call from Smokey Bear and ending up leaving WCW never to return. What was your favorite fire breaker Chip match?

*note: Intern Mark did indeed have this on his desk on Wednesday, but with all the excitement of the holiday week, we did not get to his desk until today*



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