From the Desk of Intern Mark

WCW – SEPTEMBER 20, 2017

Hey it’s Wednesday! That means it’s time for this week’s WCW or World Championship Wrestling! This week I have selected a tag team that was burning rubber through WCW’s Saturday night show the exciting “Pit Crew” ! In the late 1990s Chad Fortune and Dale Torborg debuted in WCW as a NASCAR inspired team called “Pit Crew”. The Crew competed in WCW’s Saturday night show almost exclusively and never could reach the finish line with the fans. Pit Crew’s gimmick may have won the checkered flag with motorsports fans but it stalled out completely with wrestling fans. It wasn’t long until Fortune and Torborg would split and move onto other gimmicks What was your favorite Pit Crew match?


WCW – SEPTEMBER 14, 2017

Hey ! It’s Thursday….. Time for this week’s WCW, or World Championship Wrestling. This week I have selected a horse of a different color if you will, this week my WCW is that famous stick horse Pepe. When Chavo Guerrero jr. was driven to the point of insanity by his uncle Eddie Guerrero and his cheating ways Chavo befriended a stick horse named Pepe Pepe the horse would accompany Chavo to the ring until that one fateful night Pepe was tossed in a wood chipper by Norman Smiley I guess a wood chipper was better than being send to the glue factory, or at that point competing in WCW During his time in World Champion Wrestling Pepe had at least one match, making him the winningest stick horse in the history of professional wrestling. What is your favorite Pepe match?




Hey it’s Wednesday, you know what that means , it’s time for this week’s WCW or World Championship Wrestling. This week I have a rad tag team direct from ” the city of sunshine” it’s the Dynamic Dudes! In 1989 Johnny Ace and Shane Douglas formed a tag team of skate board riding , dynamic surfer like dudes! With the Fat Boys “Wipe Out” song playing for their entrance music and legendary manager James E. Cornette it seemed like the Dudes were destined for greatness in the tag team division. However when Cornette dumped the dudes to manage another version of the Midnight Express the dynamic ones could no longer hang 10 and disbanded shortly thereafter The break up the Dynamic Dudes may have been for the best Shane Douglas went on to become the hardcore franchise wrestler for ECW while Johnny Ace found much success in Japan and eventually a high ranking office job for the WWE. What was your favorite Dynamic Dudes match?

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