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WCW – MAY 16, 2018

Hey it’s Wednesday. You know what that means! It’s time for this week’s WCW or World Championship Wrestling! My WCW this week is the man from the stars, the Zodiac! After hanging up his barber shears in the WWF Brutus Beefcake resurfaced in World Championship Wrestling as an ally to Hulk Hogan, he was referred to as Brother Bruti. That was just the first of about a dozen different names and gimmicks he would hold in WCW Next we have The Butcher, the Man with No Name and then the Zodiac. The Zodiac looked like a zebra from the Serengeti with his white face paint with black stripes and matching colors on his tights. The Zodiac was now a card carrying member of a faction of wrestlers determined to destroy Hulk Hogan and end Hulkamania, called the Dungeon of Doom. Zodiac was squashed in his matches against Hogan and when he wasn’t part of the matches he would be outside causing interference or doing run ins Zodiac along with his partners in the Dungeon have the dubious honor of being voted the worst feud of the year in 1995 by the Wrestling Observer for their feud with Hogan While the gimmick of the Zodiac didn’t last too long it certainly is memorable for how bad it was. What was your favorite Zodiac match ?


WCW – MAY 9, 2018

Hey it’s Wednesday! You know what that means! It’s time for this week’s WCW or World Championship Wrestling In honor of Mother’s Day this Sunday I have selected Buff Bagwell’s mother Judy Bagwell as my WCW ! It was in the final years of WCW when Judy Bagwell began to make regular appearances in WCW Judy became part of several angles with her son Buff Bagwell during her time in WCW. One such angle featuring Judy was in a feud between Buff and Kanyon which culminated with Judy being suspended on “a pole” ( more like a forklift ) above the ring. Thank goodness Buff won the match and was reunited with his mother, I don’t even want to think what WCW would have planned if Kanyon would have “won” Judy. Mrs. Bagwell also has the honor of being the only female to hold the WCW tag team championship. This came about when Rick Steiner was teaming with Buff Bagwell in a match where Buff turned on him leaving one 1/2 of the tag team championship vacant WCW officials allowed Steiner to choose a new partner. At first the partner was Kenny Chaos, which was bad enough, but Kenny suffered an injury so then Judy Bagwell was selected, with no wrestling experience at all she will forever be recognized as a former WCW tag team champion with Rick Steiner. Judy Bagwell will likely go down as one of the absolute worst champions in the history of wrestling, it’s hard to say she’s the worst tag team champion ever, Nicholas may have her beat What was your favorite memory of Judy Bagwell ?


WCW – MAY 4, 2018

Hey it’s Wednesday! You know what that means! It’s time for this week’s WCW or World Championship Wrestling! This week my WCW is Buzzkill! If you don’t remember him you’re lucky. Buzzkill was Brad Armstrong, brother of Brian Armstrong aka “Road Dogg” Jesse James in the WWE. The Buzzkill character was a creation from Vince Russo and was basically WCW’s version of the Road Dogg from the WWE. Buzzkill was a peace loving hippie-like character adorn in the dye clothing, his entrance music was similar to that of the very popular New Age Outlaws in WWE and the fans of WCW couldn’t help but see Buzzkill as nothing more than a poor attempt to ripoff of the popular Road Dogg character. Buzzkill was sidelined with an injury in March of 2000 and with that Buzzkill was gone. There wasn’t very many, but was your favorite Buzzkill match?




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