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WCW – FEBRUARY 20, 2019

Hey it’s Wednesday! You know what that means. It’s time for this week’s WCW or World Championship Wrestling! This week in honor of Presidents’ Day I have selected a former WCW President as my WCW, Bill Watts. “ cowboy” Bill Watts began his career as an active wrestler from the early 1960s through the late 1970s. When the big cowboy’s active wrestling career began to wind down Bill found himself working behind the scenes mostly as a booker for Mid South Wrestling from 1979 through 1987. In 1992 Watts joined World Championship Wrestling as the executive Vice President. Under Watt’s reign WCW a lot of unpopular old school wrestling values were put into place. Watts banned moves from the top rope and wanted the heel and babyface wrestlers separated when not competing in the ring. Another decision from Watts was pushing his son Erik in WCW, whom many felt wasn’t ready for the national limelight. One bright spot during Watts’ time as President was Ron Simmons claiming the WCW world title, becoming the first African American to hold that belt. Many people were pleased that Watts’ time in WCW didn’t last long, he was released in 1993 under questionable circumstances. Bill Watts’ time in WCW wasn’t the highlight of his career, but overall Bill certainly earned his spot in wrestling history. What is your favorite memory of cowboy Bill Watts in WCW ?


WCW – FEBRUARY 13, 2019

Hey, it’s Wednesday! You know what that means! It’s time for this week’s WCW or World Championship Wrestling! This week just in time for Valentine’s Day I have Greg “ the Hammer” Valentine as my WCW. The son of legendary wrestler Johnny Valentine, Greg Valentine made his pro wrestling debut in 1970 on the independent scene. Greg would go on to wrestle in Mid- Atlantic, WWWF, WWF, UWF and finally in 1992 Greg landed in WCW. Now a 22 year veteran Greg’s best years were behind him as he arrived in World Championship Wrestling that February. Valentine began teaming up with another well seasoned veteran Terry Taylor almost immediately upon his arrival. Along with Taylor, Valentine made an immediate impact with a shocking win over US tag team champions Ron Simmons and Big Josh within weeks of his debut. Taylor and Valentine would hold the titles until May when the Freebirds took the straps at the Wrestle War pay per view. In July Valentine began teaming with Dick Slater feuding with Dusty and Dustin Rhodes for the next few months. In early fall, Valentine and Slater began a feud the Steiner Brothers, with Valentine occasionally still wrestling singles matches. In October of ‘92 Valentine was scheduled to lose to Sting on a television taping of WCW Saturday Night tv, but instead of losing to Sting Valentine resigned from the company. Valentine found his way back to WCW in July of 1996 making his debut on the July 1st episode of WCW Monday Nitro in a losing effort against Randy Savage. Valentine would appear just a few more times on Nitro over the next 18 months before being released from the company in February of 1998. What was your favorite Greg “ the Hammer” Valentine match in WCW?


WCW – FEBRUARY 6, 2019

Hey! It’s Wednesday! You know what that means! It’s time for this week’s WCW or World Championship Wrestling! This week I have selected the team of “ pretty” Paul Roma and Paul “Mr. Wonderful” Orndorf, collectively known as the tag team of Pretty Wonderful. Roma had been competing in WCW as a member of the 4 Horsemen and Paul Orndorf had been a singles competitor for the majority of his time in WCW until recently when he began teaming with Steve Austin on a semi regular basis. It was in November of 1993 when Paul Roma split from the Horsemen and began teaming with Paul Orndorf with the legendary Masked Assassin as their manager. Throughout early 1994 the team of Pretty Wonderful, Orndorf and Roma, began picking up victories in the tag team division and then engaged in a feud with the team of Marcus Alexander Bagwell and 2 Cold Scorpio. By the summer of 1994 Pretty Wonderful turned their attention to the WCW tag team champions Cactus Jack and Kevin Sullivan. Pretty Wonderful would win the tag team titles from Cactus and Sullivan at the Bash at the Beach and hold the titles for the next few months. Marcus Alexander Bagwell and The Patriot aka the team called Stars and Stripes would step up to challenge Pretty Wonderful for the titles and Stars and Stripes took the titles in early October, only to have Pretty Wonderful regain the belts at Halloween Havoc. The following month Roma and Orndorf would lose the titles again, at Fall Brawl, back to Bagwell and Patriot after a controversial double pin. Pretty Wonderful would not hold the gold again as Orndorf and Roma would go their separate ways back into singles competition shortly after the loss. In early 1995 Paul Roma would leave the company, and with Roma’s departure the team of Pretty Wonderful was now just a memory. What was your favorite Pretty Wonderful match?



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