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WCW – FEBRUARY 14, 2018

Hey it’s Wednesday. You know what that means it’s time for this week’s WCW, or World Championship Wrestling. In honor of Valentine’s Day I have selected long time wrestling manager Gary Hart as my WCW. After spending the majority of his career in other wrestling territories, most notably WCCW and the Mid Atlantic area Gary Hart made his WCW debut in the late 1980s. Almost immediately Gary Hart would bring to WCW the Japanese sensation the Great Muta. Hart’s stable of wrestlers grew from there to include Dick Slater, Buzz Sawyer ,Terry Funk and the Dragon-master collectively known as the J-Tex Corporation. The most high profile match of Hart’s J- Rex Corp. involved member Terry Funk. Funk, with Hart in his corner, challenged Ric Flair to an I Quit match at Clash Of The Champions IX If you’re not familiar this match its worth checking out. In the early months of 1990 the J-Tex Corp disbanded and Hart would end up leaving the company. What was your favorite memory of Gary Hart in WCW ?


WCW – FEBRUARY 7, 2018

It’s Wednesday. You know what the means. It’s time for this week’s WCW or World Championship Wrestling. This week I have Robin Green! Back in 1989 during the tv tapings of the WCW Saturday night shows we started to see a “super fan” of Rick Steiner’s appearing in the crowd on a weekly basis. Rick Steiner became smitten with this super fan and eventually asked her out on a date. Missy Hyatt, the manager of Rick and Scott the Steiner brothers, gave Robin a makeover for the date while WCW commentator Jim Ross helped Rick prepare for the date. After Missy’s makeover Robin went from the shy nerdy fan girl to a super model Robin then began accompanying the Steiner brothers to the ring for their matches for a short period of time before she broke Rick’s heart by aligning herself with the Steiner Brothers main rival a tag team Doom, and changing her name to Woman What is your favorite memory of Robin Green?





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