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WCW – JUNE 19, 2019

Hey. It’s Wednesday! You know what that means! It’s time for this week’s WCW or World Championship Wrestling! This week’s WCW is much better known for being a band than being wrestlers. I’m talking about the Misfits. In 1999 Vampiro brought in the band the Misfits into the WCW. The band consisted of Jerry Only, Michael Graves, Dr Chud and Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein. While it’s not completely unusual for a band or musician to appear at a wrestling event, it is unusual to have that musician or band actively complete in the ring, but that’s exactly what the Misfits did. The Misfits first began accompanying Vampiro to ringside for his matches and then would get physically involved attacking Vampiro’s opponents outside the ring. Soon Vampiro was accompanying the Misfits as they began competing in matches as a tag team and single wrestlers. Vampiro and the Misfits began feuding with “ Dr. Death” Steve Williams which would lead to perhaps the highest profile match for the team. Misfit member Jerry Only wrestled “Dr Death” Steve Williams in a steel cage match. Yes that really happened on an episode of WCW Monday Nitro. “Dr Death” Steve Williams, one of the toughest professional wrestlers ever, fought musician turned wrestler Jerry Only in a steel cage match as the other members of the Misfits and Vampiro attacked Williams’ manager Oklahoma with barbecue sauce outside the cage. This was the state of WCW in late 1999. Shorty after this match the Misfits gave up being professional wrestlers and returned to making music. While their time in WCW was forgettable at the very least a beautiful relationship did form. In their time with the company the seeds were planted for a romantic relationship between Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein and Gorgeous George. George was “Macho man” Randy Savage’s girlfriend when the Misfits were in WCW but a few years later when Savage and George split Frankenstein and George would date and eventually get married. You had to really be paying attention in 1999 to catch the Misfits wrestling in WCW, they were not there for very long. What was your favorite memory of the Misfits in the WCW?


WCW – JUNE 12, 2019

Hey it’s Wednesday! You know what that means. It’s time for this week’s WCW or World Championship Wrestling! This week I have the royal team of the Blue Bloods! The Blue Bloods consisted of Lord Steven Regal, Earl Robert Eaton , Squire Dave Taylor and their Butler Jeeves. The first members of the Blue Bloods became a team in 1995 when Steven Regal split from his manager Sir William and began looking for a tag team partner. All signs pointed to Jean-Paul Levesque as becoming Regal’s partner but Levesque left WCW for the WWE. Regal then looked to Bobby Eaton as a partner instead. Regal has Eaton “knighted” and taught him the finer points of the British lifestyle including the queen’s English. Bobby Eaton embraced this British style and changed his name to Earl Robert Eaton and he and Regal were now the Blue Bloods. Regal and Eaton engaged in feuds with the teams of the Nasty Boys, Harlem Heat and Bunkhouse Buck and Dick Slater chasing the tag team titles but were unable to a capture the gold. The Blue Bloods grew in numbers with the addition of squire David Taylor and their butler named Jeeves. Before too long Earl Robert Eaton would split from the group going back to being Bobby Eaton. This would lead to Regal and Taylor feuding with Eaton. In the summer of 1996 Regal began to focus more on his own wrestling career and captured the WCW television title leaving the Blue Blood group relatively inactive. By late 1997 Regal was teaming more frequently with Taylor and the Blue Bloods unsuccessfully challenged the Steiner Brothers for the tag team titles. In early 1998 Regal faced Goldberg on WCW Monday Nitro. Regal’s shoot wrestling style caught Goldberg off guard and ultimately made Goldberg look bad. Regal was released from WCW shortly after this match and David Taylor quit the promotion a few weeks later. However , that wasn’t the end of the Blue Bloods! After about a year’s absence Steven Regal returned to WCW as did David Taylor. This time Regal and Taylor aligned themselves with Dave Fit Finlay. All three men would continue to wrestle singles matches as well as tag team matches. The team of the Blue Bloods came to an end for good in February 2000 when Regal lost a loser leaves the company match to “hacksaw” Jim Duggan, with that loss Regal ended his time with WCW. What was your favorite memory of the Blue Bloods ?




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