The Desk of Intern Mark Archives 2019

WCW – OCTOBER 30, 2019

Hey! It’s Wednesday! You know what that means! It’s time for this week’s WCW or World Championship Wrestling! This Halloween week I have selected the tag team of The Creatures ! It was WCW’s Halloween Havoc 1991 pay per view where the masked team of the Creatures first appeared. The mystery team had the fans hoping to be treated to a new “super team” of sorts but the trick was the Creatures were basically two masked jobbers. On the PPV The Creatures opposed the team of Big Josh and P N News in a losing effort. This was the first and last appearance of the Creatures as a tag team. It seemed the fans in attendance would have been more excited about getting an apple in their trick or treat bag than they were to see the Creatures. This wasn’t the end for Creature 1 or Creature 2, both would go on without the masks as singles wrestlers Joey Maggs and Johnny Gun. I’d ask what your favorite Creatures match was, but it seems more appropriate to ask if you even remember the tag team of the Creatures? Have a happy and safe Halloween everyone!


WCW – OCTOBER 23, 2019

Hey! It’s Wednesday! You know what that means! It’s time for this week’s WCW or World Championship Wrestling! This week my WCW is the exciting Elix Skipper! A recent graduate of the Power Plant training center competing under the name Skip Over, Elix made his WCW debut in early 2000 on the Saturday night show . After a few months Skip Over debuted on Monday Nitro and dropped Skip Over for his real name Elix Skipper. Soon after his Nitro debut Skipper aligned himself with Lance Storm’s newly formed Team Canada 🇨🇦. Storm went onto award Skipper the WCW cruiserweight title, which Team Canada has in it’s possession. Skipper would hold the title for a few months before dropping the belt to Mike Sanders in October of 2000. Skipper remained a member of Team Canada until early 2001 when he departed from the group to focus on the cruiserweight division and the new cruiserweight tag titles. In March of 2001 Elix Skipper and his partner Kid Romeo won a tournament to crown the first WCW cruiserweight tag team champions. Their title reign lasted only days as they dropped the belts to Billy Kidman and Rey Mysterio jr. on the final episode of WCW Monday Nitro. Elix Skipper’s time in WCW was cut short by the company being sold but Skipper still had some memorable moments in WCW. What was your favorite Elix Skipper match?


WCW – OCTOBER 16, 2019

Hey! It’s Wednesday! You know what that means! It’s time for this week’s WCW or World Championship Wrestling! This week I have selected the powerful Midnight! A graduate of the WCW training school known as the “Power Plant”, and with a bodybuilding background the very muscular Midnight debuted in WCW in 1999. As the storyline younger sibling of brothers Booker T and Stevie Ray, the tag team of Harlem Heat, Midnight took on the role of their manager. Midnight was an intimidating force outside the ring for Harlem Heat with her impressive physique, but the team didn’t necessarily need her as they were already a very well established tag team. After a few short forgettable months with the company in early 2000 the end of Midnight’s time in WCW was dawning. Midnight would appear in a few independent shows until she officially retired in 2001. What was your favorite memory of Midnight in the WCW?


WCW – OCTOBER 2, 2019

Hey! It’s Wednesday! You know what that means! It’s time for this week’s WCW or World Championship Wrestling! This week I have a longtime women’s wrestler Bambi as my WCW. The year was 1990 women’s wrestling was very much an afterthought and not considered to be on the same level at the men, and got very little, if any television time. World Championship Wrestling recognized the LPWA or Ladies Professional Wrestling Association’s champion Susan Sexton as the ladies champion and allowed Sexton to compete on the Clash Of Champions show. Bambi was the challenger on that night for the title. Bambi came up short in her quest for the title but that wasn’t the end of her time in WCW. Although she wasn’t featured in any high profile matches Bambi would continue to wrestle in WCW against wrestlers like Medusa, Peggy Lee Leather, Leilani Kai and Judy Martin over the next few months. As 1990 was coming to an end WCW phased out the women’s division all together. With that Bambi would go back to the forest, or independent scene, to finish up her career. What was your favorite Bambi match in WCW?


WCW – SEPTEMBER 26, 2019

Hey it’s Wednesday! You know what that means! its time for this week’s WCW or World Championship Wrestling! Today as we celebrate national “ one-hit wonder” day I have a WCW one-hit wonder wrestler, Tito Santana! The same Tito Santana who was the huge star for the WWF back in the early to mid 1980s. Tito wrestled exactly one match for WCW. Tito was part of a nontitle triple threat series of matches against Jeff Jarrett on Monday Nitro on January 20th 2000. WCW commissioner Terry Funk picked the mystery opponents for Jarrett on that night. Jarrett’s opponents were George “ the animal “ Steel, Jimmy “superfly” Snuka and Tito Santana. Tito wrestled Jarrett in the second match which was a declared a “dungeon match”. The match was a “no rope” match where you can lose by pinfall submission, or being thrown to the floor. (For whatever reason the ropes were not removed for the match ). Santana got the pin after Jarrett got into a verbal confrontation with a player from the NFL’s Buffalo Bills in the front row ringside. WCW commentator Larry Zbyszko who also was also at ring side and caused further interference and then yet another person at ringside Paul “Mr Wonderful “ Orndorf hit Jarrett with a piledriver allowing special guest referee Chris Benoit to count the pinball. I think WCW could have added a few more wrestlers to the ringside area for this one because it wasn’t completely overloaded but at any rate Tito Santana stood tall and was victorious for his first and only match in the WCW.


WCW – SEPTEMBER 18, 2019

Hey! It’s Wednesday! You know what that means! It’s time for this week’s WCW or World Championship Wrestling! This week I have the 6 foot 8 inch tall Big Sky as my WCW. Big Sky descended upon WCW in early 1993 as the tag team partner of the near 7 foot tall Vinnie Vegas. One would suspect the two giants would easily dominate the tag team division in WCW but even Vegas and Sky remained in the low to mid card level of the tag team division. The team didn’t allow much time to improve as Vegas looked for a better opportunity in the WWF and left his tag team partner in June to head North. Big Sky’s future didn’t look too bright as he continued to struggle in single matches the next few months following the departure of Vegas. Hoping to gain some momentum in his singles career Big Sky made his pay per view debut at WCW Fall Brawl ‘93 but any momentum he had was derailed as Sky lost his match against the Ice Train. It appeared the sun was setting on Big Sky’s time in WCW and he decided to leave the company as 1993 came to an end. Big Sky’s Wrestling career continued the next few years on the independent scene but it was the big screen where the Big Sky would really shine. Big Sky took on dozens of movie roles over the next few years with perhaps the most noteworthy being that of Sabertooth in the X-Men series. Big Sky continues to appear in numerous movie roles as of this posting. What was your favorite Big Sky match in WCW?


WCW – SEPTEMBER 11, 2019

Hey! It’s Wednesday! You know what that means! It’s time for this week’s WCW or World Championship Wrestling! This week in honor and in memory of those brave men and women who were the first responders on September 11th, 2001, have selected “Fire breaker” Chip as my WCW. 10 years earlier, in 1991, Firebreaker Chip debuted in World Championship Wrestling and formed a team with Todd Champion. Champion’s gimmick was that of a soldier who had recently returned from the Desert Storm mission in Iraq. Together the duo of these special forces wrestlers formed a team called the “ Patriots “. The team feuded with the Fabulous Freebirds and captured the US tag team titles from the ‘birds. The Patriots would lose the US tag titles to Steve Armstrong and Tracy Smothers after a 3 month reign. Firebreaker Chip would end up leaving the WCW in early 1992 after about a year with the company. Chip’s time in WCW was short he quickly found success capturing the US tag titles from the legendary Freebirds and was a popular fan favorite. What is your favorite Firebreaker Chip match?



Hey! it’s Wednesday ! You knows what that means . It’s time for this week’s WCW or World Championship Wrestling! This week I have selected referee Randy “ pee wee” Anderson for my WCW. Randy Anderson began his refereeing career in Mid South and Florida Championship Wrestling in the late 1970s By the mid 80s Randy joined Jim Crockett Promotions under the National Wrestling Alliance. When Crocket sold the organization to Ted Turner and World Championship Wrestling was born Randy “ pee wee” Anderson came along . Randy’s referee skills earned him the position as the “ third man “ in the ring for many WCW main event matches. Perhaps Randy’s biggest moment came at Bash Of The Beach 1996 as he was the referee for the match where Hulk Hogan turned on the fans and formed the New World Order With the NWO angle taking over WCW, Randy found himself involved in story lines with the heel faction and more often than not the NWO referee Nick Patrick. As part of the NWO angle Eric Bischoff “ fired” Randy and in the following weeks Randy would be at the tv tapings sometimes with his family asking for his job back. By 1999 the NWO angle was cooling off and Ric Flair was named president of WCW. As president, Flair reinstated Randy Anderson as a referee. Towards the end of 1999 Randy Anderson was forced to retire from wrestling as he was fighting cancer. In May of 2005 Randy “ pee wee” Anderson lost his battle to cancer and passed away at the age of 36. Randy Anderson was one of the best referees not just in WCW but in the sport. What is your favorite memory of Randy “ pee wee “ Anderson?


WCW – AUGUST 28, 2019

Hey! It’s Wednesday ! You know what that means! It’s time for this week’s WCW or World Championship Wrestling. This week in honor of national “dog” day I have selected the Junkyard Dog as my WCW. JYD debuted in the NWA/WCW in December of 1988 after a run in the WWF. The JYD started off his WCW career hot, the Dog won a $50.000 dollar bunkhouse battle royal in a dark match after the Starrcade ‘88 pay per view. The JYD spent the early part of 1989 feuding with the Russian Assassins, as the Dog teamed with Ivan Koloff and Michael Hayes. 1990 was the biggest year for the JYD in WCW. The Dog defeated “mean” Mark Callous ( who would go onto become the Undertaker in the WWF ) in a record 39 seconds. JYD would then challenge WCW world champion Ric Flair for the title in the main event of the Clash of the Champions XI. The JYD was unsuccessful in capturing the title that night but he score some DQ and count out victories over Flair in the rematches. As 1990 rolled on JYD joined a short lived and forgettable faction of fan favorite wrestlers called “ Dudes With Attitudes” . In early 1991 the JYD captured his first championship in WCW, he was 1/3 of the 6 man tag team champions along with Ricky Morton and Tommy Rich. After dropping the titles to the Fabulous Freebirds the Dog would leave WCW in August. In February of 1992 a slimmed down JYD returned to the WCW at Superbrawl ll as he made his way from the crowd to help Ron Simmons from an attack by Abdullah the Butcher. Over the next few months the Dog would go on to team with Simmons, Big Josh and even Barry Windham on occasion. As 1993 began JYD teamed with “The Big Cat “ Curtis Hughes and engaged in a feud with big Vinnie Vegas and Diamond Dallas Page aka the Vegas Connection. By April of ‘93 JYD continued to wrestle in tag teams this time with Jim “ the anvil “ Neidhart as his new partner. The partnership only lasted until July of that year as the Dog left the company. JYD had a good 5 year run in the WCW as his career was winding down, what is your favorite JYD match from WCW?


WCW – AUGUST 14, 2019

Hey it’s Wednesday! You know what that means. It’s time for this week’s WCW or World Championship Wrestling! This week I have “above average “ Mike Sanders for my WCW. Sanders made his debut in 1998 as a jobber on the WCW Saturday night and Worldwide Wrestling shows. In July of 2000 Sanders became “ above average” Mike Sanders and became a mouth piece for a faction of wrestlers known as the Natural Born Thrillers. The Thrillers consisted of Sean O’Haire, Chuck Palumbo, Mark Jindrak, Shawn Staisak and Reno. When he wasn’t serving as a manager he was competing in the ring . Sanders went on to earn the title of the commissioner of WCW After he defeated “ the cat” Ernest Miller in a match. Sanders’ winning ways continued as he would take the WCW cruiserweight title from Elix Skipper in October of 2000 Holding the cruiserweight title was short lived, Sanders lost the belt to Chavo Guerrero the following month. Sanders wrestled his final WCW match in March of 2001 as the WCW was sold that same month. “ above average “ Mike Sanders barely scratched the surface of his full potential in his a short but successful run in the final months of WCW. What is your favorite memory of Sanders’ time with the WCW ?


WCW – AUGUST 7, 2019

Hey! It’s Wednesday! You know what that means! It’s time for this week’s WCW or World Championship Wrestling! This week we remember the life of a wrestling legend, Harley Race. Harley’s wrestling career took him through every major promotion in the United States and all over the world. Harley was associated very heavily with the NWA for most of his career, capturing the NWA world title several times. Harley was in the later years of his career when he officially debuted in WCW at the Great American Bash 1990. Harley was an active wrestler in WCW in 1990-91 before before transitioning to a managerial position for Lex Luger. Harley is most well known in WCW for managing the super heavyweight Big Van Vader to the World title. Harley’s final matches took place in 1993 when he substituted for an injured Vader for a series of matches against Ric Flair. Harley continued to be active in professional wrestling appearing on WWE television and independent shows and conventions right up until his passing on August 1, 2019. What is you favorite wrestling memory of the legendary Harley Race?


WCW – AUGUST 1, 2019

Hey it’s Thursday! You know what that means! It’s time for this week’s WCW or World Championship Wrestling! This week, in honor of “ Shark Week” I have selected a wrestler from 20,000 leagues under the sea! I’m talking about Shark Boy! Sadly Shark Boy didn’t make much of a splash in WCW when he joined the company in 1999, it was his cult following, mostly on the independent scene that caught the attention of WCW and got the aquatic wrestler signed to a very short contract. Shark Boy didn’t engage in any memorable feuds or capture and titles while he was in the company either. He made a few appearances on WCW Saturday Night and WCW Thunder over a period of about 6 months before heading back out into the deep blue sea. Do you have any favorite memories of Shark Boy in WCW ? Or better yet did you even know Shark Boy made a stop in WCW ?


WCW – JULY 24, 2019

Hey it’s Wednesday! You know what that means! It’s time for this week’s WCW or World Championship Wrestling! This week I have selected one of the most underrated wrestlers in the industry, Barry Windham! Windham is the son of the legendary wrestler Blackjack Mulligan and brother-in-law of wrestler Mike Rotunda. Windham captured the tag titles with Mike Rotunda several promotions. In addition to being a multi time WCW / NWA / Jim Crockett Promotions tag team champion Windham also won the NWA TV title , the NWA US champion, and an NWA/ WCW world heavyweight championship ! Barry was a member of one of the very early versions of the Four Horsemen, along with Ric Flair, Tully Blanchard, Arn Anderson and JJ Dillon. While Barry’s wrestling days are behind him he still has ties to the current wrestling scene, his nephews Bo Dallas and Bray Wyatt are current WWE superstars. What was your favorite Barry Windham match in the WCW?


WCW – JULY 3, 2019

Hey! It’s Wednesday! You know what that means! It’s time for this week’s WCW or World Championship Wrestling! This 4th of July week I have selected the Patriot as my WCW! After making a name for himself in a few other wrestling promotions the Patriot landed in WCW in 1994. It didn’t take the Patriot long to form an alliance with Marcus Alexander Bagwell and the duo began calling themselves “ Stars and Stripes “. In the coming weeks Bagwell and the Patriot began pursing the WCW tag team champions Pretty Wonderful, which consisted of Paul “ Mr Wonderful “ Orndorf and “Pretty “ Paul Roma. Stars and Stripes would trade the tag titles with Pretty Wonderful over the next few months until losing the belts for Harlem Heat in late 1994. The Patriot continued to wrestle for WCW through the early part of the year until leaving the company in May of 1995. Even though the Patriot was only in WCW for about a year but he will go down in history as a two time WCW tag team champion. What was your favorite Patriot match in WCW?


WCW – JUNE 19, 2019

Hey. It’s Wednesday! You know what that means! It’s time for this week’s WCW or World Championship Wrestling! This week’s WCW is much better known for being a band than being wrestlers. I’m talking about the Misfits. In 1999 Vampiro brought in the band the Misfits into the WCW. The band consisted of Jerry Only, Michael Graves, Dr Chud and Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein. While it’s not completely unusual for a band or musician to appear at a wrestling event, it is unusual to have that musician or band actively complete in the ring, but that’s exactly what the Misfits did. The Misfits first began accompanying Vampiro to ringside for his matches and then would get physically involved attacking Vampiro’s opponents outside the ring. Soon Vampiro was accompanying the Misfits as they began competing in matches as a tag team and single wrestlers. Vampiro and the Misfits began feuding with “ Dr. Death” Steve Williams which would lead to perhaps the highest profile match for the team. Misfit member Jerry Only wrestled “Dr Death” Steve Williams in a steel cage match. Yes that really happened on an episode of WCW Monday Nitro. “Dr Death” Steve Williams, one of the toughest professional wrestlers ever, fought musician turned wrestler Jerry Only in a steel cage match as the other members of the Misfits and Vampiro attacked Williams’ manager Oklahoma with barbecue sauce outside the cage. This was the state of WCW in late 1999. Shorty after this match the Misfits gave up being professional wrestlers and returned to making music. While their time in WCW was forgettable at the very least a beautiful relationship did form. In their time with the company the seeds were planted for a romantic relationship between Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein and Gorgeous George. George was “Macho man” Randy Savage’s girlfriend when the Misfits were in WCW but a few years later when Savage and George split Frankenstein and George would date and eventually get married. You had to really be paying attention in 1999 to catch the Misfits wrestling in WCW, they were not there for very long. What was your favorite memory of the Misfits in the WCW?


WCW – JUNE 12, 2019

Hey it’s Wednesday! You know what that means. It’s time for this week’s WCW or World Championship Wrestling! This week I have the royal team of the Blue Bloods! The Blue Bloods consisted of Lord Steven Regal, Earl Robert Eaton , Squire Dave Taylor and their Butler Jeeves. The first members of the Blue Bloods became a team in 1995 when Steven Regal split from his manager Sir William and began looking for a tag team partner. All signs pointed to Jean-Paul Levesque as becoming Regal’s partner but Levesque left WCW for the WWE. Regal then looked to Bobby Eaton as a partner instead. Regal has Eaton “knighted” and taught him the finer points of the British lifestyle including the queen’s English. Bobby Eaton embraced this British style and changed his name to Earl Robert Eaton and he and Regal were now the Blue Bloods. Regal and Eaton engaged in feuds with the teams of the Nasty Boys, Harlem Heat and Bunkhouse Buck and Dick Slater chasing the tag team titles but were unable to a capture the gold. The Blue Bloods grew in numbers with the addition of squire David Taylor and their butler named Jeeves. Before too long Earl Robert Eaton would split from the group going back to being Bobby Eaton. This would lead to Regal and Taylor feuding with Eaton. In the summer of 1996 Regal began to focus more on his own wrestling career and captured the WCW television title leaving the Blue Blood group relatively inactive. By late 1997 Regal was teaming more frequently with Taylor and the Blue Bloods unsuccessfully challenged the Steiner Brothers for the tag team titles. In early 1998 Regal faced Goldberg on WCW Monday Nitro. Regal’s shoot wrestling style caught Goldberg off guard and ultimately made Goldberg look bad. Regal was released from WCW shortly after this match and David Taylor quit the promotion a few weeks later. However , that wasn’t the end of the Blue Bloods! After about a year’s absence Steven Regal returned to WCW as did David Taylor. This time Regal and Taylor aligned themselves with Dave Fit Finlay. All three men would continue to wrestle singles matches as well as tag team matches. The team of the Blue Bloods came to an end for good in February 2000 when Regal lost a loser leaves the company match to “hacksaw” Jim Duggan, with that loss Regal ended his time with WCW. What was your favorite memory of the Blue Bloods ?



WCW – MAY 29, 2019

Hey it’s Wednesday! You know what that means! It’s time for this week’s WCW or World Championship Wrestling! This week I have selected the 6 foot 6 inch tall, 290 pound Night Stalker! It was the fall of 1990 when the Night Stalker made his WCW debut under the guidance of the legendary Ox Baker. Just days after making his television debut Night Stalker faced Sid Vicious at Clash Of The Champions show. The Stalker was defeated that night but that didn’t slow him down. The Big Night Stalker teamed up with the “ Big Cat” Curtis Hughes and challenged Sid Vicious and Dan Spivey to a match at the Starrcade pay per view in December. Unfortunately Night Stalker would miss the pay per view and the Motor City Madman would step in to take his place. The Night Stalker remained with the company throughout all of 1991 but wouldn’t be on television again until October’s Halloween Havoc show. Night Stalker ran interference as a masked “ghoul” wrestler at the show for a few moments and then disappeared again. The Night Stalker resurfaced for his final appearance at Starrcade 1991 when he substituted for an injured Diamond Studd and teamed with Rick Steiner in a losing effort against Hughes and Vader. By early 1992 the Night Stalker was gone from WCW like a bat out of Hell when the morning comes. But this wasn’t the last we saw of the Night Stalker in WCW, he would return in 1997 with a new gimmick and new name. You had to really be paying attention to remember the Night Stalker in WCW, if you were what was your favorite Night Stalker match?


WCW – MAY 22, 2019

Hey! It’s Wednesday! You know what that means. It’s time for this week’s WCW or World Championship Wrestling! This week my WCW is the Iron Sheik! That is correct the Iron Sheik made a stop in WCW/ NWA in 1989-1991. The former Iranian Olympian debuted with the company in February of 1989. Sheik challenged the television champion Sting to a competition involving the swinging of the Persian clubs, a feat of strength the Sheik was was well known for executing flawlessly. The competitive rivalry between Sheik and Sting led to a match at the Wrestle War 89 the “Music City Showdown” where Sting came out victorious. With that rivalry behind him the Iron Sheik began to form a managerial partnership with Ron Simmons but that partnership ended quickly and Simmons went on to form the team of Doom with Butch Reed. Soon after the Iron Sheik took a long absence from wrestling as 1990 began but he remained under contract to WCW during that time. The Sheik resurfaced in July of 1990 at the Great American Bash in a losing effort against Mike Rotunda. The Sheik then spent the rest of the year competing mainly on house shows against the mid card talent. In January of 1991 the Iron Sheik would wrestle the Junkyard Dog in what would be his final match in the WCW. The Sheik left the company and went back to the WWF in March of 1991. The Iron Sheik will be remembered more for his time in the AWA and WWF more so than in the WCW, but nevertheless what was your favorite memory of the Iron Sheik in World Championship Wrestling?


WCW – MAY 15, 2019

Hey! It’s Wednesday! You know what that means! It’s time for this week’s WCW or World Championship Wrestling! My WCW this week is the luchador sensation Silver King! In 1997 World Championship Wrestling’s cruiserweight division was exploding with talent from all over the globe. It was in that same time period when Silver King joined the company as did many of the high flying masked Mexican wrestlers or luchadors. The cruiserweight matches usually kicked off WCW’s Monday Nitro Show providing exciting fast paced action. As his career in WCW started Silver King began completing in 6 man tag matches usually teaming with La Parka and Psicosis or Villano IV and VIllano V. A few bright spots in Silver King’s time in WCW occurred as he was a participant in the 60 man battle royal at the WCW World War 3 pay per view in 1997 and 1998. Also in 1998 at the Fall Brawl show in September, Silver King challenged Juventud Guerrera for the cruiserweight Championship but came up just short. Silver King was stuck in the low mid card of wrestlers when he became a member of Eddie Guerrero’s Latino World Order aka the LWO which was an attempt to unite the Mexican wrestlers to compete against the other factions of wrestlers in the WCW at that time. Things started to look up in 2000 for Silver King when Stacy Keebler announced she was going to manage him along with El Dandy in a team called “ Los Fabulousos” Unfortunately the team didn’t last long as Silver King was released later that year ending his time in the WCW. What was your favorite Silver King match?

Sadly, Silver King passed away on May 11, 2019 as a result of a heart attack during a match in London, England. From all of us at 3 Count Thursday, our thoughts and prayers are with his family, friends & colleagues.


WCW – MAY 8, 2019

Hey! It’s Wednesday! You know what that means! It’s time for this week’s WCW or World Championship Wrestling! This week my WCW is the Jung Dragons! The mostly Japanese trio of the Jung Dragons debuted in early 2000 and consisted of Jaime-San, Kaz Hayashi and Yang. Jaime-San wore a mask to disguise the fact he was not of Japanese descent. Almost immediately after their debut on the WCW Saturday night show the Jung Dragons began feuding with another trio of wrestlers Evan Karagias, Shane Helms and Shannon Moore, known as 3 Count. The Dragons appeared in the New Blood Rising pay per view in August of 2000 in a losing effort in a ladder match against 3 Count. Later that same year the Jung Dragons and 3 Count began falling apart, Jamie-San would leave the Dragons and unmask and begin wrestling as Jaimie Knoble teaming with now former 3 Count member Evan Karagias. The remaining members of the Jung Dragons and 3 Count and Knoble and Karagias would all continue to feud for the next few months. In February of 2001 the Jung Dragons acquired the managerial services of Leaha Meow. Sadly the team of the Jung Dragons came to end in March of 2001 when the WWF purchased WCW. Jamie- San and Yang would go on to find success in the WWF over the next few years. Even though their time in WCW was short the Jung Dragons were a popular team. What was your favorite Jung Dragons match?


WCW – APRIL 24, 2019

Hey! It’s Wednesday, you know what that means. It’s time for this week’s WCW or World Championship Wrestling. This week I have selected the colorful Scotty Flamingo! Under the management of J.T. Southern, Scotty Flamingo arrived in WCW in 1992 as a surfer dude gimmick complete with a surfboard. Flamingo quickly found himself competing in the WCW cruiserweight division and feuding with Flying Brian Pillman for the WCW cruiserweight title. At the Bash at the Beach pay per view in June of ‘92 Flamingo would defeat the cruiserweight champion Pillman to capture the title. Flamingo’s reign as champion was short as he dropped the title the following month to Brad Armstrong. After the title loss Flamingo went onto align himself with Diamond Dallas Page, The Diamond Studd (Scott Hall) and Vinnie Vegas ( Kevin Nash) in a faction called “the Diamond Mine”. Flamingo continued to feud with Pilliman and Armstrong over the cruiserweight title but was unable to recapture Championship. In late 1992 Flamingo found himself in a feud with the flamboyant Johnny B Badd. The highlight of the feud took place in November at the Clash Of The Champions show when Badd and Flamingo competed in a boxing match. A few rounds into the match Vinnie Vegas loaded Flamingo’s boxing glove allowing Flamingo to knock out Badd for the win. As the feud with Badd wrapped up in early 1993 so did Scotty Flamingo’s time WCW. Scotty Flamingo moved on to the World Wrestling Federation in May of that year as Johnny Polo. What was your favorite Scotty Flamingo match in WCW?


WCW – APRIL 17, 2019

Hey! It’s Wednesday! You know what that means! It’s time for this week’s WCW or World Championship Wrestling! This week my WCW is Akira Hokuto! Hokuto made her debut in November of 1995 at the World War 3 pay per view event, teaming with another Japanese star Bull Nakano. Hokuto and Nakano took the victory in the match and teamed to gain another victory the following night on Monday Nitro. In 1996 WCW held a tournament to crown the first WCW women’s champion. The tournament featured many Japanese women wrestlers, as WCW had working agreements with several Japanese wrestling promotions . An interesting fact is Akira Hokuto wrestled twice in the first round. Once as Hokuto taking the victory, and once as masked wrestler Reina Jabuki in a losing effort. Longtime WCW wrestler Medusa defeated Jabuki in the first round. The tournament finals took place in December at Starrcade 1996 where Hokuto won the championship when she pinned Medusa in the finals. Akira Hokuto was the first WCW women’s Championship! Medusa and Hokuto would continue their feud over the women’s title through the first half of 1997 leading to a match at the Great American Bash in June. The stipulation in the match was if Medusa loses she must retire from professional wrestling Hokuto remained the champion defeating Medusa at the Bash and sent her into “ retirement” . As retirement matches go in the wrestling world Medusa did come back to wrestle again however it was Hokuto and the women’s championship title that never appeared in WCW again after this match. Though the women’s division in WCW fell apart very quickly Akira Hokuto will go down in wrestling history as the first and only WCW women’s champion. What is your favorite Akira Hokuto match?


WCW – APRIL 10, 2019

Hey! It’s Wednesday! You know what that means. It’s time for this week’s WCW or World Championship Wrestling! This week my WCW is Little Richard Marley! You had to really be paying attention to WCW in late 1990 and 1991 to remember Little Richard Marley. In the fall of 1990 the tag team of Michael P.S. Hayes and Jimmy Garmin, the Fabulous Freebirds, decided as the world’s greatest tag team and greatest rock and roll band they needed a manager. That was when the birds announced that Little Richard Marley was making his way to Bad Street USA as the manager of the Fabulous Freebirds. Upon joining the team Marley assisted the Freebirds in their feud with the Southern Boys by consistently interfering in the matches. Things seemed to be going well for the trio until December. At the WCW Starrcade pay per view, Marley accidentally cost the FreebIrds a victory in their match against Tommy Rich and Ricky Morton. After the match Michael Hayes and Jimmy Garvin attacked Marley ending the managerial relationship with the Fabulous Freebirds. In the weeks that followed Little Richard Marley began wrestling under the name Rocky King before a career change where he became a referee for the WCW. Even though his time was short in WCW little Richard Marley made an impact with the Fabulous Freebirds. What was your favorite memory of Little Richard Marley?


WCW – APRIL 3, 2019

Hey! it’s Wednesday! You know what that means. It’s time for this week’s WCW or World Championship Wrestling. This week my WCW is the 7 foot tall Yeti! The Yeti emerged in WCW as the Dungeon Of Doom’s “ insurance policy” to further stack the deck against Hulk Hogan at the 1995 Halloween Havoc pay per view. Hogan will be putting the WCW world championship on the line in the main event against Dungeon Of Doom member, the Giant! As the match between the Giant and Hogan unraveled, shockingly Jimmy Hart turns on Hogan and strikes the ref with the megaphone causing the disqualification. With the referee out, Lex Luger along with Kevin Sullivan rush to the ring to attack Hogan. Randy “ macho man “ Savage takes to the ring in an attempt to help Hogan but he is outnumbered and the Giant locks Hogan in a bear hug. Jimmy Hart then waves towards the entrance and the 7 foot tall Yeti begins making his way to the ring. The Yeti, who looks more like a mummy as he’s wrapped from head to toe in bandages, enters the ring and attempts to bear hug Hogan from behind as the Giant still had the hold locked on too. The visual of the Yeti and the Giant giving Hulk Hogan a simultaneous bear hug is laughable and made the Yeti look even more ridiculous in his debut. Fortunately Halloween Havoc would be the only time the Yeti would be on WCW television dressed in bandages, he quickly was given a wardrobe makeover to resemble a 7 foot masked ninja rather than a mummy. The “ninja” Yeti didn’t last long either as he only made a handful of appearances on television before that idea was scrapped, but not before he made one appearance under the name “ the super giant ninja”. The Yeti was repacked again, without the mummy and ninja attire, this time as Big Ron Studd, paying tribute to his trainer the legendary Big John Studd. Just like the other gimmicks the Ron Studd character did not last long and the former Yeti was repacked one more time now as an outcast member of Raven’s “flock” wrestling under the name of Reese. The 7 foot tall Reese was the enforcer of Raven’s flock, . As a 7 foot monster Reese still did not fare very well in the ring, losing to Juventud Guerrera at the 1998 Great American Bash pay per view and making his final appearance on WCW television in a losing effort against Perry Saturn on WCW Monday Nitro in June of 1998. The Yeti character is considered one of the worst ideas in WCW history but he is without question a memorable character. What was your favorite match featuring the 7 foot tall Yeti?


WCW – MARCH 27, 2019

Hey! It’s Wednesday! You know what that means! It’s time for this week’s WCW or World Championship Wrestling! This week for my WCW I have selected comedian Jay Leno! That is correct the former host of NBC’s Tonight Show, Jay Leno. In one of the biggest and possibly worst angles in pro wrestling history, Hollywood Hogan and WCW President Eric Bischoff “ invaded “ the Tonight Show and chased Jay Leno off the set. The show returns from a commercial break and Leno returns to the set with security and Diamond Dallas Page causing Hogan and Bischoff to retreat from Leno’s desk and off the set but not before Hogan challenges Leno to a match at the 1998 Road Wild pay per view, which Leno accepts. So there we have it. The main event for a major pay per view will feature Jay Leno teaming up with DDP to face Hollywood Hogan and Eric Bischoff. The Road Wild event took place at the annual Sturgis South Dakota motorcycle rally. The undercard was forgettable but the main event was not for all the wrong reasons. Leno’s involvement in the match was limited and about as bad as you would imagine. Leno twists Hogan’s arm a few times before making the tag to DDP. Leno got a few moves in on Eric Bischoff, a few punches and a clothesline. The “action” was back and forth for what felt like an eternity Finally the conclusion came as the Tonight Show band leader Kevin Eubanks got involved hitting Bischoff with a “ diamond cutter” which allowed Leno to cover Bischoff for the pin to put an end to this match and Leno’s wrestling career. While the angle with Jay Leno brought WCW the mainstream publicity they wanted the match will be remembered as one of the absolute worst in the history of professional wrestling. What was your favorite memory of the Jay Leno Hollywood Hogan feud ?


WCW – MARCH 20, 2019

Hey! It’s Wednesday! You know what that means! It’s time for this week’s WCW or World Championship Wrestling! This week my WCW is one of the less remembered wrestling stables the “ Dudes With Attitudes”! It was the summer of 1990 and the Four Horsemen consisting of Ric Flair, Ole and Arn Anderson and Sid Vicious were dominating the wrestling scene in the WCW. Sting and Lex Luger have been teaming up to battle the Horsemen in tag team and singles matches however the 4 on 2 odds certainly were not in favor of Sting and Luger, they set out to recruit wrestlers who have also been having issues with the Horsemen. This lead to the creation of a stable of wrestlers calling themselves the Dudes With Attitudes! The Dudes consisted of El Gigante, Lex Luger, Paul Orndorff, Rick Steiner, Scott Steiner, the Junkyard Dog and Sting. The Dudes would compete in singles matches and standard tag team matches against members of the 4 Horsemen in the early summer of 1990. At the Great American Bash in July of 1990 the Dudes With Attitudes were prominently featured throughout the pay per view. El Gigante, Paul Orndorff and the Junkyard Dog defeated Sid Vicious ,Ole and Arn Anderson by DQ. The Steiner Brothers defeated the Fabulous Freebirds, Lex Luger got the win over Mean Mark Callous and Sting captured the world title by defeating Ric Flair in the main event. After the Great American Bash the Dudes With Attitudes broke away from being a united stable of wrestlers. Sting and Luger would still occasionally team, but aside from that the Dudes With Attitudes never reformed again. What was your favorite Dudes With Attitudes match?


WCW – MARCH 13, 2019

Hey it’s Wednesday! You know what that means! It’s time for this week’s WCW or World Championship Wrestling! This week I have selected the Samoan Savage as my WCW! A member of the famous Samoan dynasty of wrestlers, the Samoan Savage made his World Championship Wrestling debut in 1989. The Samoan Savage joined his brother Fatu and his cousin Samu in the tag team of the Samoan SWAT team, at this time under the management of Oliver Humperdink aka “ the big Kahuna”. Not too long after the Savage’s arrival Samu stepped away from active ring competition the and the Samoan SWAT team. Fatu and the Samoan Savage continued to wrestle and renamed the team “ the new Wild Samoans” . The New Wild Samoans found moderate success competing in the 1989 Starrcade pay per view tag team tournament finishing in third place overall. The Samoan Savage and Fatu continue to team and have the occasional singles match until mid 1990 when the both left the company. What is your favorite Samoan Savage match? ( Samoan Savage is pictured on the right )


WCW – MARCH 6, 2019

Hey! It’s Wednesday! You know what that means! It’s time for this week’s WCW or World Championship Wrestling! This week my WCW is Sick Boy! Sick Boy made his WCW debut on Monday Nitro in November of 1997 as a member of Raven’s Flock. The Flock was a faction of misfit wrestlers adorn in grunge clothing lead by former ECW champion now WCW wrestler Raven. Within a few months of his debut Sick Boy received a match against U.S. Champion Diamond Dallas Page. Unfortunately Sick Boy could not remedy a win in his quest to capture the U.S. title . As 1998 went on Sick Boy began to feud with Chris Benoit and then Steve McMichael. More often than not the Sick Boy found himself on the losing end of those matches. In September of 1999 Raven disbanded the Flock and Sick Boy dropped the grunge look and attempted to move on without the Flock. It was shortly thereafter Sick Boy would be diagnosed with no future with the company and released from WCW. What was your favorite Sick Boy match?


WCW – FEBRUARY 27, 2019

Hey it’s Wednesday! You know what that means! It’s time for this week’s WCW or World Championship Wrestling! All aboard for this week’s WCW because it’s the man known as Ice Train! The big Ice Train briefly rolled through WCW in mid 1993 wrestling on the World Wide show before making his pay per view debut at Fall Brawl ‘93. The Train defeated Shanghai Pierce at the pay per view. In another mat classic the Ice Train teamed with Charlie Norris and the Shockmaster at the Halloween Havoc to defeat the team of Harlem Heat and the Equalizer. By early 1994 Ice Train rolled out of WCW shortly after losing a match to Ron Simmons at the clash of the champions show. In February of 1996 the light at the end of the WCW tunnel turned out to be the returning Ice Train! The Ice Train began teaming with Scott “flash” Norton to form the team of Fire and Ice. Fire and Ice began to establish themselves as a formidable team building victories hoping to challenge for the tag titles. Along the way both Norton and Train made it to the main event of the Slamboree pay per view the “Lord of the Ring” battle royal but both were eliminated by Diamond Dallas Page. Shorty after Slamboree Fire and Ice began feuding with the Steiner Brothers. Once the feud concluded between the two teams and with Fire and Ice being unsuccessful in capturing the tag titles Norton turned on Ice Train derailing the Fire and Ice team. Ice Train and Norton would feud over the next few months with each man exchanging victories, at the Hog Wild pay per view Norton would get the win but at the Fall Brawl Show Ice Train defeated Norton. Throughout the rest of 1996 and through 1997 Ice Train would compete mostly on the WCW undercard occasionally making appearances on the Monday Nitro show and Thursday Thunder before exiting the WCW again. In mid 2000 the Ice Train again rolled into WCW this time under the name M.I. Smooth and as a member of the “ New Blood” group of wrestlers. When he wasn’t not appearing as a member of the New Blood, Smooth was playing the role of commissioner Ernest Miller’s limo driver. In March of 2001 Smooth engaged in a feud with Kanyon in the final days of WCW. Once WCW was sold that same month M.I. Smooth aka Ice Train retired from wrestling. What is your favorite Ice Train match?


WCW – FEBRUARY 20, 2019

Hey it’s Wednesday! You know what that means. It’s time for this week’s WCW or World Championship Wrestling! This week in honor of Presidents’ Day I have selected a former WCW President as my WCW, Bill Watts. “ cowboy” Bill Watts began his career as an active wrestler from the early 1960s through the late 1970s. When the big cowboy’s active wrestling career began to wind down Bill found himself working behind the scenes mostly as a booker for Mid South Wrestling from 1979 through 1987. In 1992 Watts joined World Championship Wrestling as the executive Vice President. Under Watt’s reign WCW a lot of unpopular old school wrestling values were put into place. Watts banned moves from the top rope and wanted the heel and babyface wrestlers separated when not competing in the ring. Another decision from Watts was pushing his son Erik in WCW, whom many felt wasn’t ready for the national limelight. One bright spot during Watts’ time as President was Ron Simmons claiming the WCW world title, becoming the first African American to hold that belt. Many people were pleased that Watts’ time in WCW didn’t last long, he was released in 1993 under questionable circumstances. Bill Watts’ time in WCW wasn’t the highlight of his career, but overall Bill certainly earned his spot in wrestling history. What is your favorite memory of cowboy Bill Watts in WCW ?


WCW – FEBRUARY 13, 2019

Hey, it’s Wednesday! You know what that means! It’s time for this week’s WCW or World Championship Wrestling! This week just in time for Valentine’s Day I have Greg “ the Hammer” Valentine as my WCW. The son of legendary wrestler Johnny Valentine, Greg Valentine made his pro wrestling debut in 1970 on the independent scene. Greg would go on to wrestle in Mid- Atlantic, WWWF, WWF, UWF and finally in 1992 Greg landed in WCW. Now a 22 year veteran Greg’s best years were behind him as he arrived in World Championship Wrestling that February. Valentine began teaming up with another well seasoned veteran Terry Taylor almost immediately upon his arrival. Along with Taylor, Valentine made an immediate impact with a shocking win over US tag team champions Ron Simmons and Big Josh within weeks of his debut. Taylor and Valentine would hold the titles until May when the Freebirds took the straps at the Wrestle War pay per view. In July Valentine began teaming with Dick Slater feuding with Dusty and Dustin Rhodes for the next few months. In early fall, Valentine and Slater began a feud the Steiner Brothers, with Valentine occasionally still wrestling singles matches. In October of ‘92 Valentine was scheduled to lose to Sting on a television taping of WCW Saturday Night tv, but instead of losing to Sting Valentine resigned from the company. Valentine found his way back to WCW in July of 1996 making his debut on the July 1st episode of WCW Monday Nitro in a losing effort against Randy Savage. Valentine would appear just a few more times on Nitro over the next 18 months before being released from the company in February of 1998. What was your favorite Greg “ the Hammer” Valentine match in WCW?


WCW – FEBRUARY 6, 2019

Hey! It’s Wednesday! You know what that means! It’s time for this week’s WCW or World Championship Wrestling! This week I have selected the team of “ pretty” Paul Roma and Paul “Mr. Wonderful” Orndorf, collectively known as the tag team of Pretty Wonderful. Roma had been competing in WCW as a member of the 4 Horsemen and Paul Orndorf had been a singles competitor for the majority of his time in WCW until recently when he began teaming with Steve Austin on a semi regular basis. It was in November of 1993 when Paul Roma split from the Horsemen and began teaming with Paul Orndorf with the legendary Masked Assassin as their manager. Throughout early 1994 the team of Pretty Wonderful, Orndorf and Roma, began picking up victories in the tag team division and then engaged in a feud with the team of Marcus Alexander Bagwell and 2 Cold Scorpio. By the summer of 1994 Pretty Wonderful turned their attention to the WCW tag team champions Cactus Jack and Kevin Sullivan. Pretty Wonderful would win the tag team titles from Cactus and Sullivan at the Bash at the Beach and hold the titles for the next few months. Marcus Alexander Bagwell and The Patriot aka the team called Stars and Stripes would step up to challenge Pretty Wonderful for the titles and Stars and Stripes took the titles in early October, only to have Pretty Wonderful regain the belts at Halloween Havoc. The following month Roma and Orndorf would lose the titles again, at Fall Brawl, back to Bagwell and Patriot after a controversial double pin. Pretty Wonderful would not hold the gold again as Orndorf and Roma would go their separate ways back into singles competition shortly after the loss. In early 1995 Paul Roma would leave the company, and with Roma’s departure the team of Pretty Wonderful was now just a memory. What was your favorite Pretty Wonderful match?


WCW – JANUARY 30, 2019

Hey! It’s Wednesday! You know what that means! It’s time for this week’s WCW or World Championship Wrestling! This week my WCW is Hulk Hogan’s biggest fan, the Equalizer aka Dave Sullivan! Upon his debut in 1993 the Equalizer was a singles wrestler but then formed a short lived tag team with Rick Rude and feuded with Dustin Rhodes and Road Warrior Hawk. By mid 1994 The Equalizer became Dave Sullivan, the brother of wrestler/ manager Kevin Sullivan. Dave would team with his brother and Cactus Jack for a series of matches against the Nasty Boys. When Hulk Hogan arrived in WCW Dave became Hogan’s “ biggest fan” which lead to problems with his brother Kevin who hated Hogan. Dave began teaming with Hogan and Sting to take on his brother Kevin who would team with members of the Dungeon Of Doom or Ric Flair and the horsemen. After the feud with Kevin concluded Dave fell in love with Diamond Dallas Page’s valet Kimberly. Dave’s infatuation with Kimberly lead to a feud with Page, where Dave found himself on the losing end. In his final months of WCW Dave began carrying a pet rabbit to ringside for his matches. Big Bubba Rogers took offense to this because he is allergic to rabbits, and Bubba and Dave found themselves engaged in a feud as a result. Dave would gain the victory in most of the matches when he would remove Bubba’s surgical mask causing Bubba to inhale the allergens on the rabbit and thus lose the match. During the early months of 1996 Dave would leave WCW and retire as an active wrestler. Dave Sullivan had his ups and downs in WCW he went from teaming with Hulk Hogan in main event matches to feuding with Bubba Rogers over a rabbit. What was your favorite Dave Sullivan match?


WCW – JANUARY 23, 2019

Hey! It’s Wednesday! You know what that means, it’s time for this week’s WCW or World Championship Wrestling! This week my WCW Is Moondog Rex! Moondog Rex maybe more well known for his time in the WWF where he held the tag team championship with his partners Moondog King and Moondog Spot, but in 1990 Rex made a stop in the WCW. Rex began wrestling at house shows for WCW in July of 1990 and made his television debut for the company in September of that year, when he defeated Reno Riggins. Perhaps the highest profile match of his time in WCW occurred in October when The Junkyard Dog defeated Rex at Halloween Havoc 90. Before his time at WCW came to an end Rex was repackaged as “ Deadeye Dick” and became a member of the stable called the Desperados. Black Bart and Dutch Mantell would round out the stable along with Rex, but the team never made it past the televised vignettes when Stan Hansen, who was to have a storyline with the group, left the promotion. With that Moondog Rex’s time in WCW was humanely put down. What was your favorite Moondog Rex match in the WCW ?


WCW – January 16, 2019

Hey! It’s Wednesday! You know what that means! It’s time for this week’s WCW or World Championship Wrestling! This week I have selected a group of wrestlers who’s hatred for rap music brought them together as a team. I can only be talking about the West Texas Rednecks! Bobby Duncan jr. , Barry and Kendal Windham and Curt Henning comprised the group the West Texas Rednecks. The Rednecks formed in June 1999 to feud with rap star Master P’s and his No Limit Soldiers. Master P made one appearance in WCW and his No Limit Soldiers waved the white flags to surrender when the fans didn’t connect with them, bringing that feud to a quick end. The best thing to come out of the short lived feud against the No Limits Soldiers was the West Texas Rednecks song “ Rap is Crap ( I hate rap) “ . The song actually made air play on some country music stations and on WCW television. The Windham brothers , Kendall and Barry, brought the tag team titles to the West Texas Rednecks group as well as a new member named Curly Bill aka Vincent from the NWO. By October of 1999 the West Texas Rednecks would go their separate ways and ride off into the sunset.. What was your favorite West Texas Rednecks match?


WCW – January 2, 2019

Hey! It’s Wednesday! You know what that means! It’s time for this week’s WCW or World Championship Wrestling! Unfortunately we are kicking off 2019’s first WCW on a very sad note. Today, January 2nd 2019 we lost one of the greatest in wrestling history, “ mean “ Gene Okerlund. While “ mean” Gene’s time in the WWF is what really brought him to the mainstream, Gene spent the later part of his career in World Championship Wrestling. Gene was one of the early “WWF guys” who jumped ship to WCW for the lighter work schedule and more money in the mid 1990s. “Mean “ Gene is without question the best stick man in the business. He conducted interviews with nearly every Hall Of Fame wrestler you can name. There will never be another “ mean “ Gene Okerlund. What is your favorite memory of “mean “ Gene in the WCW?



From The Desk of Intern Mark