About Us

3CT  is a fresh take on your “typical weekly wrestling fan podcast.” Lifelong friends James “Big Jim” Nies, Ryan Miller & Matt Muehleisen have joined forces with broadcast colleagues Tim “Not the Tool Man” Taylor & “Intern” Mark Hottenstein to provide the most entertaining wrestling discussion each and every week. With a love & passion for all styles and companies in the wrestling world, we promise to always keep you informed and entertained.

James Nies
Since the very first time I saw World Wrestling Federation on my TV at the age of 4, I have been in love and infatuated with professional wrestling. From my all-time favorite wrestler Bret “Hitman” Hart, through the attitude era/Monday Night Wars, to the current resurgence of the wrestling business both internationally and on the Independent scene I love wrestling now more than ever. My passion for wrestling and sports brought me to the podcast world for the past 5+ years and I have no intent on stopping.
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Ryan Miller
I have been a lifelong wrestling fan and avid Philadelphia Eagles fan as well.  I have been active on the independent wrestling scene for over 5 years. Previously serving as a preshow co-host for Lancaster Championship Wrestling and backstage interviewer for Keystone Pro Wrestling.  I also lend my voice as a color commentator to the following companies:  Legacy Wrestling, Capital Wrestling Alliance, Pro Wrestling Empire, Atomic Championship Wrestling and Rogue Women Warriors.

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Matt Muehleisen
I have been a fan of wrestling since my early years, truly getting invested in the attitude era of WWE.  Embracing D-Generation X to the fullest gave me a true appreciation of the independent wrestling scene and the hardcore storylines from the mid-90’s translated to a passion for death match wrestling later on.  My top 5 wrestlers of all time are Shawn Michaels, Eddie Guerrero, Triple H, Trish Stratus, and CM Punk.

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Tim Taylor
Born in the heart of WCW territory, I’ve been a wrestling fan since I can remember. With that passion, I’ve been able to find myself in wonderful situations that I would have never dreamed. Whether it’s sharing my thoughts and opinions with the 3CT boys, cultivating a community on Twitch.TV, creating content with other passion projects, and being the lead commentator for Excellence Professional Wrestling, I’m always thrilled to start the conversation! I guess that goes to show that over the years, the only thing in the life that I completely understand is the wacky world of professional wrestling and I wouldn’t want it any other way.
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Intern Mark
“Intern” Mark Hottenstein
Born and raised in central Pennsylvania, loving father of two wonderful children and professional wrestling fan since 1986.  I attended my first live wrestling event in 1987 and saw Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, Andre the Giant, along with a dozen other now WWE hall of fame wrestlers.  I have been completely hooked on wrestling since.  Wrestlemania 3 will likely always be my favorite Wrestlemania.  When I’m not watching wrestling on television I enjoy attending the local independent wrestling shows, visiting the local flea markets in search of those items I can’t live without, and spending time with family. 
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Ryan, Jim, & Matt – Commentary for PWE ‘Aftermath’ on February 25, 2017
Intern Mark doing some 3CT marketing on the mean streets of Hershey, Pennsylvania