WWE Network Pick of the Week

Week of August 13

From 3CT contributor Tim Taylor

The Positive (NOT) WWE Network Pick Of The Week:
Hart Foundation & Honky Tonk Man vs. Strike Force & Randy Savage (Elimination Steel Cage Match)

I feel horrible that it’s taken another wrestling death to get my bag of bones to write one of these things.

Whether I knew it or not, I looked up to Jim Neidhart. Neidhart was someone who was much like one of my other favorite wrestlers, Arn Anderson. Jim Neidhart was an enforcer. Whether we talk about in the tag team ranks or in the 5 man stable run of the Hart Foundation, Anvil was the guy who would just scrap and claw and get the job done.

My pick for today, while not on the WWE Network, doesn’t show that off as well as other options, but it is one of my favorite matches involving Jim Neidhart. You can definitely find this match online. Feel free to hit me up on Social Media for the link. Don’t want to ruin the fun for everyone.

If you’d rather watch something on the Network, there is the Hart Foundation video under Home Video Classics and get your fill.

Bret Hart had strong feelings towards Anvil and the rest of his Hart Foundation members:

Rest easy, Anvil. You will be missed.

See you Thursday in Studio L,



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