WWE Network Pick of the Week – March 2018

Week of March 26, 2018

From 3CT contributor Tim Taylor:
The Positive WWE Network Pick Of The Week: 
Wrestlemania XXX
I’ve got to admit it folks. I’ve got Wrestlemania Fever! Even all the way on the other side of the world, I’ve got the itch. The Showcase of the Immortals is right around the corner. The Granddaddy Of Them All is less than 2 weeks away. To get everyone into the mood, I want to point us back to the last time Wrestlemania was in the Big Easy, Wrestlemania XXX.
We all know that the event is home to the death of The Streak and also the birth of Yes-lemania! Let me remind you of 3 things you might NOT remember about Wrestlemania XXX!
1) It is the origins of the first ever Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal, won by “The Swiss Cyborg” Cesaro! How fitting that just the birth of the Men’s Wrestlemania Battle Royal will also be the home of the Women’s Wrestlemania Battle Royal! Also, stick around to the end of the match and listen to the great Cesaro theme! WE THE PEOPLE!
2) The video package for Bray Wyatt and John Cena’s match set to Eminem’s “Legacy”. Regardless of your thoughts about Bray Wyatt’s career since this match, he’s always been carried as a big deal and this match should have been the springboard for great things for Bray. This video package set this match-up for great things! It’s on par with Miz’s video package set to “Hate Me Now” by Nas at Wrestlemania XXVI. If you want to watch the match, go for it but AT LEAST watch the video package. It starts around the 1:31:00 mark of the event. Also, the live musical performance of Bray’s theme after the video. Really chilling.
3) The Opener, Daniel Bryan vs. Triple H. Without this match to start the show, Daniel Bryan’s story would not have culminated in the way that it did at the end of the night (spoiler alert; he won the title). The Game and The Yes Man had one of the better openers in Wrestlemania History and in the process was the mini-climax of the longer story. Such a solid match-up that could have easily main evented Wrestlemania on its own.
All in all, Wrestlemania 30 is a solid ‘Mania and could be consumed from top to bottom to prepare yourself for the glory that is to come at Wrestlmania 34!
From the future…


Week of March 19, 2018

From 3CT contributor Tim Taylor:

The Positive WWE Network Pick Of The Week: 
WWE Photo Shoot – The Miz
Alright, enough in-ring action! What most owners of the WWE Network buy it for the backlog of all the PPVs that they used to tape trade for and all the live events we get now. I mean did you know that if you don’t already subscribe to the WWE Network, you can watch Wrestlemania for free? Holy crap! **eyeroll**
What people drastically undervalue is the original content that is provided! The newest series that exists is WWE Photo Shoot where a WWE Superstar or Legend sits down and takes a walk down memory lane through their career with pictures!
My suggestion for you is the most must see WWE Superstar of all time… THE MIZ! The reason I bring him up is because in this episode, while you get some of the cocky Miz, you get to see Mike Mizanin as well. You know, that guy who was on the Real World who wanted nothing more to be a WWE Superstar and struggled his way from the bottom to get to be one of the most recognizable WWE Superstars of this era? We get to see him at his most vulnerable talking about cashing in his Money In The Bank contract, his Wrestlemania main event with John Cena, and of course his beautiful bride, Maryse.
Take 20 minutes out of your day and check out this video and while you’re at it, watch the others if you like the style of the content! It’s sure to be… AWESOME!
From the future,

Week of March 5, 2018

From 3CT contributor Tim Taylor:

The Positive WWE Network Pick Of The Week: 
ECW Wrestling 02 (TNN) – September 3, 1999 
I’ve given some love to WWF, WWE, and WCW so now it’s time to share the wealth to Extreme Championship Wrestling! This week, I want us to take a look at one of my most vivid memories as a young wrestling fans for the Philadelphia-based ECW! This episode, like all my picks have more than meets the eye!
Here’s 3 things that make this episode of ECW Wrestling special.
1) This is the first FULLY MADE FOR TV episode of ECW on TNN. As some may remember, the first episode of ECW on TNN was not approved by the network so they ended up having to air and old RVD vs. Jerry Lynn match from PPV prior.
2) This is the last time that ECW was the home of the Dudley Boys! This event features, in my opinion, one of the best one day angles ever. I won’t ruin it for those that have not seen it but you should not be disappointed by the turn of events for those damn Dudleys!
3) You get to see Taz in his prime. The Human Suplex Machine in WWE was a very tame version of what you received in ECW. The ECW Champion at the time was a wrecking ball who took no prisoners and was as believable of a badass as there ever was. Seeing this will give you some insight as to why I feel it’s just a matter of time before Taz makes his way into the WWE Hall of Fame.
It’s a 30+ minute watch so not that intense, but the time will defintely fly by! It’s good to travel down memory lane, even when the memories aren’t actually yours.
P.S.: Sorry for the delay on this! I’m headed to Australia for 5 weeks starting this weekend so I’ve been spinning like a top! But don’t worry, I’ll still be on social media in case you need me.