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When the mood strikes, away from Thursday’s podcasts, this will be my place to jump on top of my soap box and post my thoughts on hot topics in the world of wrestling ~Jim


The WWE ThunderDome will end up going away and wrestling fans will only have a small portion of their peers to blame….

2020 has sucked & we have seen packed stadiums/arena shift to wrestling shows in empty sound stages, amphitheaters and the WWE Performance Center. But last week, the WWE unveiled and debuted the ThunderDome featuring video screens with virtual fans safely from their home which (and I can attest from being part of the first one) is really, really cool.

However it didn’t even last the first weekend of shows in the WWETD before assholes ruined it. The majority of the fans who took part in the shows clapped, booed, and genuinely enjoyed themselves but the problem was when for each show (SmackDown, SummerSlam, RAW) a small number of people decided to try to make a statement or just be offensive pricks

During the match between Sonya Deville & Mandy Rose at SummerSlam someone put the mugshot of Sonya’s stalker, and during Monday Night Raw images ranging from Chris Benoit, a beheading, and a KKK member were visible.

WWE has released a statement condemning these actions & are working on banning these individuals.

The problem though, is the toothpaste can’t be put back in the tube. What is unfortunately going to continue is these morons on social media searching for the 10 seconds of “fame” are going to work during every WWE show to out-do each other and continue to put these offensive images out there just so they can screenshot it and brag about how “cool” they are. The end result, and I’m almost willing to guarantee it will happen, is the WWE ThunderDome is going to go away (or at least the virtual audience part of it). If these actions continue on each show, I’d be shocked if the audience portion is still there by the time we get to the end of September.

It really is disgusting that these immature and stupid actions of a few jackasses is going to ultimately ruin something that is very cool and the overwhelming majority of people who have been a part of have enjoyed and want to be a part of. The “IWC” is overall a good place, and I/we have gotten to meet a lot of people in the 6+ years we’ve been producing 3CT but the few who make it shitty really ruin the experience for all of us.

Hopefully we can enjoy the ThunderDome while we still have it

Thanks for nothing assholes….


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