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WWE Super Showdown Is NOT For Us

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Super Showdown is not for us…..


I know that sounds stupid, but I mean it & will repeat it. Super Showdown is not for us.  

And let me clarify. When I say “us” I mean the week in-week out WWE fan. Again, I know it sounds really, really strange to say that. And also to clarify, when I say the show is “not for us,” I mean in the sense of a ‘normal’ PPV program.

Whenever WWE makes their travel to Saudi Arabia, one of the biggest questions I see regularly on social media is, “Why should I care about ___________ vs ___________ old guy wrestling each other.” And the reality is, at least for some, you don’t/shouldn’t.

But Jim……they are promoting this show as ‘equal to or greater than WrestleMania’”

I know. Believe me,  I KNOW.

I will say this…I am not a fan of the promotional tagline used. WrestleMania is your biggest show of the year. It’s the show that made WWE a worldwide wrestling and entertainment company from the very first one. NO SHOW should be promoted, booked, viewed, etc. as more important than WrestleMania. That said, it’s just a promotional line. It would be similar to Burger King promoting a new burger as “better than the Whopper.”

But the truth, and for some the unfortunate truth, is that this show IS important for WWE. It is EXTREMELY valuable. WWE is raking in a lot of money, business changing money, for the deal they have to go over and put on these shows in Saudi Arabia.

And if the matchup of old guys you’ve seen wrestle countless times before, or old guys that are going head-to-head for the first time ever doesn’t interest you at all…..that’s okay. These shows are booked and scheduled for the people of Saudi Arabia, in connection with Saudi Vision 2030.

“But Jim….they spend weeks on RAW & SD Live building stories for these matches”

Again….I know. And they have to. Because the shows are broadcast on the award-winning WWE Network. So they do need to give reasons why these matches are happening, to a degree, and also so that we have something entertaining (depending on your opinion on the current product) week in and week out.

Another unfortunate reason why I say that these shows are “not for us” is that the women on the WWE roster currently cannot perform on these shows. (as I am writing this, it is being reported that Natalya, Alexa Bliss, and maybe some other female talent are traveling to Jeddah. No word on whether or not a women’s match will be added. Renee Young will once again be on commentary). The women are as important to the weekly WWE product as anyone so these shows having no female performers is disappointing, frustrating, and more but also goes back to my initial statement. Numerous times on our weekly 3CT podcast, we have discussed the decision to go into this agreement knowing that women can’t be part of the show, so I am not diving into that on this post. I do sincerely hope that sooner rather than later this part of these shows can change and a “full roster” production can be put on in Saudi Arabia.

Ultimately we all have the same choice as we do for every RAW, SD Live, NXT, NXT UK, TakeOver, PPV, etc. when it comes to these Saudi shows……watch or don’t watch.

I will, as I have for the others, have the shows on my computer or iPad during my afternoon at work. I am fortunate enough to have a job where I can do that. NO, I will not be able to just sit at my desk and ignore the tasks I need to do, but I will have it on. But also, as I have with the previous WWE Saudi shows, anything I miss I will not go back and re-watch. I don’t think these shows are “must watch” as I feel about regular PPV’s, but as a lifelong WWE fan, I will at least tune in as much as I can.




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