It Was Not Sasha’s Fault

Taken from ‘The Host’s Soap Box’


This past weekend we found out, if the internet reports are true, that Paige will no longer be able to compete in WWE due to a severe injury similar to the ones that retired Edge & Stone Cold Steve Austin. This unfortunate situation comes on the heels of Paige’s triumphant return from a series of neck injuries over the last few years and a re-launch of her WWE career.

The move that caused this latest injury can be seen here.

Now, I know to many people knowing what we know now this looks bad. Really bad. But let’s look objectively here. This type of kick is seen in countless matches every single day. The result is unfortunate, and extremely sad, but it wasn’t an unsafe move or indictment of Sasha’s in ring ability or safety.

Just as sad as the injury to Paige are the number of people I’ve personally seen on social media commenting how (and sometimes directly tagging) Sasha saying that ‘The Boss’ should be fired, kill herself, and more. It disgusts me that people will take a tragic situation, which I’m sure Banks already feels awful for, and use it to bully and belittle one of the best women on the WWE roster today.

I feel awful for Paige.

I feel awful for Sasha.

I feel awful for the WWE & the WWE Universe.

I feel awful for wrestling.

But, and I can’t stress this enough…. IT WASN’T SASHA’S FAULT!