Pro Wrestling Therapy



Taken from ‘The Host’s Soap Box’

Pro Wrestling Therapy

My whole reason for adding this page to the site is that I can give you guys a peak into my world. When I get the urge to put my thoughts down, I do so. I want to do it more than I have, but I will strive to be better. I’m gonna be open and honest here every single time.

All of that said, lately I’ve been in a bit of a rut. There’s been a struggle to enjoy much of anything. Going through the motions is the best way to describe it. I’ve put the “good host” face on for podcasts but for real…the past few weeks have been rough.

Saturday night I went to Atomic Championship Wrestling/Rogue Women Warriors show in Stevens, PA. My primary reason for attending on this night was to see special guest Teddy Hart. Being the admitted “Hart mark” that I am, and never having seen Teddy wrestle live before, having him come to a show that is closest to where I live was a no brainer. I sat at the commentary table next to the voices of ACW/Rogue James Frazier & our very own 3CT co-host Ryan (who do a spectacular job, for the record) and watched the stars of ACW & RWW wrestle for multiple hours.

During the early portion of the show I caught myself basically just sitting back and watching the matches. Not enjoying them. Not disliking them. Just watching. Almost just sitting back and not being in the environment. It’s an odd position for me as I love live wrestling. I’ve been extremely open about the fact that I believe that “pro wrestling is for everyone” as you can read below. Whether it’s strong style, shoot wrestling, comedy, etc. I enjoy it. It’s pro wrestling. I’ve loved it since I was a kid. I especially love it live. I’ve told people for years to not judge wrestling until they go to a show. Doesn’t matter if it’s WWE TV, house show, ROH, Impact Wrestling, or Indy wrestling….just go, spend the money and let the wrestlers entertain you for an evening. And I’ve had people come back to me and say that seeing wrestling live is something they thoroughly enjoyed.

But something happened as the night went on. As the action continued to build towards the championship matches and the main event between Hart and Mike Orlando (filling in for the injured Facade), I started to snap out of my funk and begin to enjoy the show. But just based on the past few weeks, I figured that the moment the final bell rang and I left the building I would snap right back into the funk that I have been in…..I was wrong.

Over 36 hours later, I have found myself feeling much better and more like myself. Part of this for sure had to do with I was able to take an easy and much needed rest day on Sunday with my wife and dog….but I sincerely contribute a good portion of my turnaround to professional wrestling. Specifically ACW/Rogue on Saturday night.

There are people out there that say/think that pro wrestling should only be one style; that pro wrestling is only for a select number of people; that professional wrestling should only look/feel a certain way. But why put this industry in one style like that? Why isolate it like that? It doesn’t make sense. This business and the great people that make up the industry are there to entertain us. They are there to live their dreams. But, in some cases, they are there to be a form of therapy for us and to bring us up in moments where we need them the most….and for that, to all of you, I thank you and respect you