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Two Scoops for the Wrestling Industry


In the wrestling industry, certain wrestlers will debut and the fans know right away that there is something special about them; KC Spinelli is one of those wrestlers. From the moment she debuted, there was something special about KC that many could see would translate into success. Though her peers may have had their doubts early on, due to KC’s strong persona, the wrestling fans knew that the “Two Scoops” she was bringing to the ring was just what they had been waiting for. KC knew this as well, always unapologetically being herself, much to the fans delight. This ability to be who she was, in the face of doubt at times, is what put her over and catapulted her to success.

While many wrestlers have a background in amateur wrestling, KC Spinelli took this a step further, mastering the sport in a way that earned her a gold medal in high school, before being held up with an elbow injury. But the love was there, and KC pursued the sport much further, noting the advances that were being made in women’s professional wrestling.   But in order to succeed in the industry, it takes more than just talent. A wrestler needs an attitude, or intensity, to bring to the ring to mirror their talents. KC is fortunate in that her talents in the ring match her skills on the microphone. Commanding the fans’ attention both with her wrestling and her words are what makes KC Spinelli what women’s wrestling has always needed.

Success for a wrestler isn’t just measured by wins or losses, capturing titles, earning contracts, and scoring paydays. For a lot of wrestlers, the thrill of the chase is what motivates them, but it’s the ability to connect with the fans that many wrestlers see as the measuring stick, and if that’s the case for KC Spinelli, her success is off the charts. As women’s wrestling progresses, the expectations of the fans progress with the sport. What is needed is a wrestler who can showcase the ability to hold the focus of the ever-shortening attention span. A wrestler needs to come in at top speed from the moment their music hits, and KC takes that to the next level. Whether she is coming out for a singles match, or entering the ring as part of one of her many amazing tag teams, she demands the attention of the fan immediately, and never loses it. But it extends beyond that.

Wrestling fans have seen the ups and downs of the business. From the Indy shows where there are maybe 15 people in attendance, to the biggest stages in WWE, there are good moments and there are bad. As the world evolves, and technology advances, wrestling is becoming more readily available to those who which to view it, which is a blessing and a curse. More wrestling allows the viewers to become pickier about what they watch, and gives them more opportunity to critique. Along the way, a lot of people begin to become more critical of all matches, but KC Spinelli rises above this critique. KC reminds the fans why they fell in love with the sport in the first place. She gives the fans what they want in more ways than just giving the quality of match that they expect. She gives them the attitude, the energy, the excitement. The fan is able to ascend reality and watch a sport, watch a competitor who is leaving it all in the ring, and treating them to the nostalgia of the attitude era that is responsible for creating many wrestling fans.

This “Two Scoops” persona that KC has brought to the ring from her very first match is a constant reminder to fans of what wrestling is supposed to ring. Like hearing an old pop song on the radio and screaming along to the lyrics in your car, this is what a KC Spinelli match is. It’s a nod to what we as adolescents saw in the then World Wrestling Federation, that gave us what we so desperately wanted to see, what we longed to mirror in our own lives. This defiance and attitude that comes with the two scoops is what many fans embraced when they were watching wrestling as teenagers, the care-free attitude that was out of reach for most is what Spinelli shows off when she’s in the ring, as while it’s clear she wants to succeed at every level, there is the subtle understanding that she’s going to do it her way or not at all. This is what wrestling needs, and this is what we see in her, which is why her popularity continues to grow, and why more and more fans are able to see her at so many different promotions. The demand for the two scoops is what has taken a tomboy from Toronto and turned her into an international sensation.

It was really no surprise that KC Spinelli was chosen to represent Team Canada in AAA Lucha Libre’s World Cup with Taya Valkyrie and Cherry Bomb. While Canada has produced some of the best wrestling talents not only in women’s wrestling, but the industry as a whole, Spinelli stands out as a cut above the rest. While the team may have come up a bit short in the tournament, the stage was what mattered the most, as it gave even more people a glimpse of Spinelli’s greatness. Without the tournament, the path to Spinelli’s recognition may have taken longer to reach, but it would have inevitably gotten to the point where she is. She has gone from someone that fans were excited to see, to a wrestler who people will drive hours to just see for a 6 minute match in the ring. She has gone from wrestling in front of small crowds, to the reason events are standing room only. And while the talent will always be a nice bonus, it is the attitude and energy of KC Spinelli that is the real treat for the fans.

While the future of any wrestler is marked with uncertainty, Spinelli seems to be carving out her own path and will attain her success no matter what.   As the number of shows where she appears grows, and the fans continue to take notice, It won’t be long until KC Spinelli is appearing regularly on television, with the company of her choosing, and more people will begin to see why her rise was so swift and deserved. But until that day comes, fans will continue to monitor where she will be wrestling and continue to pour in for their two scoops. With the level of success for any wrestler, there comes perks such as signed 8×10’s and t-shirts. Spinelli’s t-shirt features an ice cream cone with two scoops, and there couldn’t be a more fitting design for her apparel, as any fan who sees her wrestle is truly in for a treat.

Fans can find KC Spinelli on Facebook, as well as on Twitter: @Kc_Spinelli


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