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Amber Rodriguez

This week, we were delighted to be joined by Indy sensation, La Reina Renegada Amber Rodriguez.  Matt had the opportunity to discuss what got her involved in the wrestling scene, her move from the Northeast to the South, her return to the ring, and the importance of incorporating her heritage into who she is as a wrestler.  Thanks for listening!



This week, we were thrilled to be joined by Chicago’s Sweetheart, Missa Kate.  She took time out of her busy schedule to discuss her career, who motivated her to get in the ring, her spoiler-free thoughts on Season 2 of You, wrestling in the mid-west, and much more.   Thanks for listening!


Riley Shepard Pic

On this special Holiday edition of the 3 Count Thursday web-site exclusives, we are thrilled to welcome Riley Shepherd back to the show.  Listen in as we discuss her much anticipated return to the ring, how she kept herself busy during the injury time off, and what has been the most difficult part of her road to recovery.  There is also a special round of questions where she chooses fellow wrestlers to accompany her on very specific tasks.  Enjoy, and Happy Holidays!
Vita Von Starr

This week, we are beyond thrilled to welcome Vita Von Starr to the show.  Give it a listen as we discuss her performance art, how she incorporates it into her wrestling, her experiences with WSU and Rogue Women Warriors, and of course her answers to the rapid fire round!


Paloma Starr

To kick off Hispanic Heritage Month this year, we were beyond thrilled to welcome Paloma Starr to the show.  We got to chat about her rise in the Indy scene, the differences of wrestling fans in the US vs Mexico, how she uses her heritage in the wrestling world, and of course, Siracha!  Give it a listen!



In what has been a long time coming for this podcast, we were finally able to book one of our dream guests to be on the show.  ACR, who has long been running shit in the wrestling world joined us to chat about her career, what she remembers most fondly about her rise, her Hispanic representation, and much more.  Tune in!


Kasey Catal


On this episode, we are beyond thrilled to be joined by Kasey Catal.  We take a deep dive into her career, discussing her start, training, passion for the industry, love of Inter-Gender wrestling, death matches, and plans for the future.  There’s also a rapid fire round, and of course, some Disney discussions.  Give it a listen, and have a magical time!



Zeda Zhang

This week, we are honored to welcome the amazing Zeda Zhang to the show.  On this episode, we talk to her about her time overseas, transitioning from MMA to WWE, being a part of the Mae Young Classic, overcoming bullying, and so much more.  Thanks for listening!


Ava Everett

This week, we were thrilled to welcome our Woman of the Week Ava Everett onto the show in preparation for our coverage of WSU’s upcoming event!  We chatted with her about tag team and inter-gender wrestling, all thing 90’s, the Philadelphia wrestling crowd, and so much more.  Give it a listen!  She’s All That!


On the latest web-site exclusive interview, Matt and Intern Mark were joined by Samira, who has been getting the backstage story for many rising wrestling promotions, most notably Hardcore Hustle Organization.  The guys chatted with her about what made her become a wrestling fan, what has been her most fun wrestling experience to date, and a rapid fire round of questions to get to know the girl behind the mic!


Ariela Nyx

This week, we were honored to have the answer to everyone’s prayers, Ariela Nyx, take a break from winning titles all along the East Coast to join us and record an interview.  We discussed her recent reigns at multiple companies, her break from wrestling and her triumphant return, as well as her plans moving forward in her career.



It was our absolute pleasure to be joined by Radiant Rain for a podcast exclusive interview.  Being long time fans of her work in Impact as well as ROH, we had much to discuss.  Listen in on what inspired her to get into the business, her move to Hawaii, her thoughts on the current women’s wrestling scene, and much more!


valentina v

It’s always an honor for us at 3 Count Thursday to sit down with a member of CZW, and this week, we were joined by up and coming sensation, Valentina Vazquez.  We got a chance to ask her about her interest in the wrestling business, where she draws some inspiration, any influences on her wrestling persona, and her plans for the future.  Give it a listen, and make sure you track her career!


Riley Shepard Pic

We are so pleased to welcome our favorite geek Riley Shepard back to the show.  On this episode, we discuss her rise in the wrestling industry, her stint with WWE, her exciting new opportunities, and a rapid fire round where we take a deep dive into pop culture.  Give it a listen!


On this episode, we are joined once again by friend of the podcast, Felicia Rose, and we talk about her latest endeavors in the world of sex podcasts, her love-hate relationship with WWE, and her newly begun wrestling career.  Give it a listen!


It’s always a pleasure for 3 Count Thursday to be able to interview anyone, but when the interviewee is doing their first ever podcast, it’s an added gift.  We were so fortunate when we were able to conduct a web-site exclusive interview with Hot Scoop Skylar, who is used to being on the other side of the microphone.  Give a listen as she talks about her career, how she got her start, and where she plans to go.


To commemorate Shark Week, Matt and Intern Mark were delighted to be joined by their favorite friendly shark, Jawsolyn!  Listen to her interview, as she discusses her career, how she connected with Team Sea Stars, how sharks are portrayed in cinema, and much more!

Tasha Steelz
Tasha Steelz

We were honored to speak with Tasha Steelz. “Just A Diamond Waiting To Shine Bright!!”  IG: RealTSteelz


Riley Shepard
Riley Shepard

We were fortunate enough to speak with Riley Shepard, who is making quite a statement in the Monster Factory’s Women’s division.  With the legendary company hosting another wrestling seminar on 4/22, we wanted to catch up with someone who has been through the process, to hear not only what she’s learned, but how she’s translated that into the ring.

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