Upcoming Independent Wrestling Shows

These are a list of upcoming Indy Wrestling shows in the Northeast / Mid-Atlantic area of companies that we will either be attending or companies that we support

**Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Independent Wrestling shows (much like all aspects of our lives) have been dramatically impacted/shut down. Once some form of normal life returns, we will once again update this page with shows in our region that we either will be working, attending or endorse. Now more than ever if you can support Indy companies and/or wrestlers, it is super important. Reach out to companies and wrestlers wherever you are and find out how you can help them right now during this time**

*In an effort to #SupportIndyWrestling, if you don’t know where your closest Indy company is, contact us on social media or 3CountThursday@gmail.com and we will do our best to find the closest company to you*
A Night to Remember II – Celebrating Indy Wrestling in Central PA